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CatalystOS version 1.1 available

· 2 min read

Hey everyone!, It's been a long time since I wrote any blog post. Well, this will be fun because this new Project is all set to achieve new milestones.

Ever since the release of first version of CatalystOS for Poco F4 5G, there has been quite the buzz because of it's great performance improvements and smooth UI experiences.

Now we are coming up with version 1.1 and we have fixed a lot of problems and added a lot of useful features that you all demanded. So, without wasting anymore time Let's get into the changelogs!

- support for pitch black dark theme due to popular demand
- toggleable statusbar icons added like NFC, VoLTE, VoWiFi
- added lockscreen charging info with toggle to turn on/off
- Ability to screen record in lower quality
- Increase file size limit to 15GB for screen recordings
- Allow to screenrecord for longer durations
- fix gpay not able to add cards
- Support for VOOC, Dash, Warp and any other kind of OEM fastcharging

Currently we have only support for Poco F4 and the changelog for it is..

- kill 90hz refresh rate since it's badly calibrated
- adjust dynamic refresh rate switching for less flicker
- disable carrier video calling for now since it's not working
- improve the 'more battery' perf slider profile
- auto brightness improvements: dim slowly, brighten quickly

Also we would like to add support for more devices and for that reason we are opening the maintainership form for CatalystOS. If you are an interested developer you can go through the guidelines and fill the form at

We hope support for more devices will come very soon, till then have a nice day and keep enjoying Catalyst!