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October security patch and much more..

· 2 min read

I always loved rainy days until the rains just won't stop and that's exactly the situations right now, but that doesn't stop us from bringing new updates to you all. September update was a big boost for us and the update was very well received, we also got many requests for new features and trust me we consider every feature you request and try to include them. We also know that this update is a bit delayed but there was a ton of important work we needed to do in our professional lifes. So, with all that being said, here we are with the new October update of Catalyst OS version 1.1

So, without wasting anymore time Let's get into the changelogs!

- Merge android-13.0.0_r8 sources with October security patch
- Option to stop content based refresh rate to reduce flicker
- Add support for smart pixels
- Add quick unlock and scrambled pin support
- Fix occasional fingerprint unlock animation lag
- Add ability to block some sensors for apps to save battery
- Add a bunch of tiles like SoundSearch, dataswitch, smartpixels..
- Add ability to enable and disable burn in protection for statusbar and navbar

As for the changelog for our supported devices..

- Fix slow charging issue on lowest performance slider
- Merge some upstreams from Madmax

Aaaaand we are glad to announce that we have added the second device to our OFFICIAL list and that device is Poco F3 (Allioth) and it will be maintained by Eidoron1. Also If you are an interested developer you can go through the guidelines and fill our Maintainership form to get your device Officially supported by us.

If you love our work you can support us by donating at Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee. With this we will see you next time! Have a nice day and keep flashing!