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CatalystOS new update is out!

· One min read

We know that october is ending tomorrow and this update could have been sent out in November with the new security patch but the new security patch will not be available before second week of November and in this update we wanted to bring some new changes and also merge various upstreams from ArrowOS and other partnered repositories.

So, without further a-do, Let's get into the changelogs!

- Make launcher moar customizable with icon pack support, icon size, transparency controls and much more. 
- Add support for less boring headsup
- Add support for showing volume panel on left side of the display.
- Show 4G instead of LTE to save some space
- Various upstreams from ArrowOS

As for the changelog for our supported devices..

- Add support for auto HBM mode with configurable threshold
- Merge some upstreams from Madmax

So, that was all for this release and if you love our work you can support us by donating at Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee. With this we will see you next time! Have a nice day and keep flashing!