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CatalystOS november update is now available!

· One min read

Hey there!, the winters are almost here and and we have got our jackets and hoodies out. A cup of hot chocolate feels so good in this season, but we all know what else feel awesome and that is the new CatalystOS update! We know we know, we are a little late to this update but we were busy with personal and professional work.

So, without further a-do, Let's get into the changelogs!

- November security patch.  
- Some improvements to the High brightness mode.
- Various upstreams from ArrowOS.

and yeah, that's all. That is everything we could do for this update and see you again with the next update xD.

If you love our work you can support us by buying us a cup of good old hot chocolate at Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee. With this we will see you next time! Have a nice day and keep flashing!